Pink Lady



Lady Williams and Golden Delicious - developed in Australia.

A Modern Classic: The Pink Lady Apple

You may have noticed that your PA farmer’s market stand has Pink Lady apples along with other traditional apple varieties. This modern hybrid apple, widely known as a Cripps apple, is becoming a favorite around the state. It’s a great choice for a fresh, nutritious snack.

Beautiful Parentage Produces Exceptional Apples

The parentage of the Pink Lady stems from Australia, where researchers crossbred Lady Williams and golden delicious apples. The growers cultivated the best of both apple varieties, which is one of the reasons that the Pink Lady has turned into such a delightful treat.

The term “Pink Lady” is actually a registered trademark, and it’s the standard name used with these amazing apples. Pink Lady apples are highly regarded worldwide, and their American influence has continued to grow since the turn of the 21st century.

Born to Be Eaten Fresh

Pink Lady apples are meant to be enjoyed alone, added to salads, or used in lunch boxes or as garnishes. As you might expect, they have a pink hue, which is tempered by greenish-yellow markings. Don’t expect your Pink Lady apples to be entirely or brightly pink.

The flesh of a Pink Lady apple is light, and the taste is robustly sweet. Kids of all ages love coming to PA farmers’ markets and orchards to pick them and enjoy instant snacking pleasure. Adults also adore Pink Lady apples and often look for the mouthwatering variety.

Best Used For:

Snacking Baking

Harvest Time:

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