The Million Dollar Apple

A cross between Golden Delicious and Indo apples, the Mutsu apple was developed in Japan in the 1930’s, where it was coined the Million Dollar Apple. After making its commercial debut in the late 1940’s, the fruit was renamed Crispin, however, it is still found under both names and all around the world. The next time you are craving a treat, bite into a worldwide favorite.

Diverse Applications, Delicious Results

The Mutsu’s yellowish green skin conceals it firm, white flesh. This crisp fruit offers juicy, sweet flavor, with a hint of tartness. The Mutsu’s unique flavor profile and texture make it perfect for multiple uses. A compliment to baked goods, you can typically use less of these apples when making tasty treats like pies, because they are quite big. This fruit can be a great addition to savory dishes as well! Baked, battered, roasted, the possibilities are endless. Grab some Mutsu apples today and discover how many dishes you can incorporate them into.

Grab a Mutsu Today

Though they are amazing when cooked or added to a tasty dish, these apples are also great to snack on by themselves. For a fun weekend adventure, head over to a local apple orchard to pick a Mustu yourself. The fresh flavors and fun are things apple lovers of all ages can enjoy! These nutritious sources of soluble fiber can also be purchased at your local grocery or farmer's market and stored in the refrigerator for a longer keep.

Best Used For:

Snacking Sauce Baking

Harvest Time:

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