Gold Rush



Discover the Diverse Uses of Gold Rush Apples

Looking for an apple with diverse applications? Consider Gold Rush! “Named for its "old" gold color and rush of flavor,” this greenish-yellow fruit has many possibilities due to its complex and rich, spicy flavor. When it is first picked, this apple tends to have a sharper taste, which balances out with sweetness after a month or two of storage. Though a favorite for hard and sweet ciders, the Gold Rush is not limited to beverages. They are also great for sauces. In addition, since they do not brown as easily when exposed to air, they are a perfect addition to a salad or a healthy lunchbox treat!

Complex Taste, Complex Parentage

Introduced in 1994, the Gold Rush was the result of a joint breeding program between Purdue University, Rutgers University and the University of Illinois (PRI). Derived from the Golden Delicious (with Co-op 17 as the pollen parent), we can find multiple traits inherited from its parent, such as its sweetness and crispness. Also, Gold Rush apples are grower-friendly, they show resilience or even immunity to many illnesses that affect the fruit during the growth cycle.

A Taste to Last

In addition to an exciting flavor profile and disease resistance, the Gold Rush also boasts long storage ability. When kept in cold storage, such as your refrigerator, Gold Rush apples boast an extended shelf life and will keep well for several weeks up to months! The next time you are at your local farmers’ market or grocery, consider the Gold Rush - a long lasting apple with so many possibilities!

Best Used For:

Snacking Sauce

Harvest Time:

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