Gala Apples Are Family Favorites

Surveying favorite PA-grown apples, Gala apples always end up near the top of the list. Gala apples have taken center stage in the apple kingdom, and are now one of the three most popular types of apples that people reach for when they are shopping. With its sweet and mild taste mingled with a crispy-firm flesh, it’s easy to see why Gala apples enjoy the popularity they do. The next time you’re looking for an apple variety that’s one of the most versatile in the marketplace, grab a Gala apple!

Flavorful, Crunchy and Amazing

Gala apples are dependable pantry items for any household kitchen. Although most people can’t resist biting into a Gala apple and just eating it straight out of their hand, others love to use Gala apples when they cook and bake. The Gala apple is a hybrid of two other types of apple — the Kidd’s Orange Red and the Golden Delicious. You can immediately see signs of its Golden Delicious parentage because its skin is slightly tinged in places with a yellow-gold hue. Brought to the United States from New Zealand in the early 1900s, Gala apples are now a standard in PA apple orchards. You will also find them to play a central role in salads, as they make a great accompaniment to PA-grown produce, cheese, meats and seeds.

Ramp Up Your Healthy Diet with Gala Apples

Want to get and stay healthier than ever before? Add some Gala apples, as well as other apple varieties, to your diet. Apples are low-fat and low in calories without being low in flavor. Plus, they contain natural sugars and fiber to help you feel full and energized. Instead of reaching for a treat you’ll regret eating later, stick with Gala apples and feel good about all your food choices.

Best Used For:

Snacking Salads

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