Dive into a Delicious PA-Grown Fuji Apple

As soon as you walk into any grocery or farmers’ market, you’ll probably see a variety of apple called the Fuji. It tends to stand out among the other apples because of its name. Its hometown, the Japanese city of Fujisaki, is where the story of this beloved apple variety began. In the 1960s, it was cultivated as a mix of Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Genet, or Rawls Jennet, apples. The Fuji has grown to be one of the most popular apple varieties over the years, and it flies off the shelves because of its firm, crisp, sweet flavor. Pick up Fuji apples today and enjoy their super juicy crunch!

A Multitude of Ways to “Apple” Your Food

Fuji apples are loved by cooks and foodies alike for their versatility. First and foremost, of course, is as a snack or lunch box treat. Many people find eating a Fuji apple a refreshing way to temper their two o’clock stomach rumblings, or indulge in as a healthier dessert choice. However, the Fuji apple isn’t just a snacking apple. Fuji apples make great sauces without any added sugar, and work great for baking. Ever taste a Fuji apple pie or tart? It’s time to savor this true PA-grown treat! Additionally, Fuji apples are great when sliced on top of salads.

Keep Fuji Apples on Hand for Everyday Delights

You can keep Fuji apples in your refrigerator or other cool dry place, and can expect them to last as long as you store them in a place that’s cool and free from moisture. Storing them in the refrigerator will keep them tasting delicious and ensure a juicy, crunch bite.

Best Used For:

Snacking Salads Pies Sauce Baking

Harvest Time:

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