Empire Apples Are Fresh and Ready in PA

What do you get when you cross a McIntosh apple with a Red Delicious apple? That’s the question that fruit researchers wanted to answer in the mid 1900s. What they discovered was a new variety, the Empire apple. In time, Empire apples grew in popularity among consumers who loved the apple’s crispy-sweet and just slightly tart interior, as well as its rosy outside. Look for Empire apples the next time you’re craving a snack that you can feel good about biting into!

So Many Opportunities to Make Cooking and Eating Magic

Why do growers graft and breed new types of apples such as the Empire apple? In general, they want to try to replicate the best traits of other cultivated and natural varieties. One of the biggest attributes of Empire apples is that they resist bruising. If you’ve ever opened a lunch box only to find out that your poor apple was dented and darkened by moving inside the box, you’ll understand why Empire apples are an excellent option for packed lunches! In addition to being a perfect apple to take to work or school, Empire apples can also be used to create applesauce. The next time you throw together a pretty salad featuring PA produce, don’t forget to add a few slices of Empire apple on top.

Discover the Deliciousness of Empire Apples Today

If you’re not familiar with the taste and texture of Empire apples, there’s no reason to wait. Go to your grocery or farmers’ marketplace and bring home a bag of Empire apples, or even a single piece of the fruit. You can even do a fun taste-test at home with your family by trying several types of apples, including the Empire variety. Kids love discovering new flavors, and will appreciate this simple, tasty experiment!

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Snacking Salads Sauce

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