Cortland Apples Are a Staple for PA Orchards

The next time you go to your favorite farmers’ market, outdoor marketplace, orchard or grocery store, explore all the varieties of apples available. You’re sure to spot Cortland apples, a traditional variety in Pennsylvania. Cortland apples have a lovely multi-toned outer hue that’s a mixture of red speckled with green and yellow tints. Inside, their flesh is pure white and makes an appealing addition to any cheese tray when sliced. They are also ideal for snacking and have a very sweet, rich flavor that is loved by both kids and adults.

Making Juices or Sauces? Choose Cortland Apples!

One of the benefits of being able to buy Cortland apples nearly year-round in PA is that you can use them for cooking as well as eating them fresh from your hand. Cortland apples are quite juicy, which is ideal for anyone who enjoys making nutritious juices or juice blends at home. If making batches of homemade applesauce is one of your favorite fall pastimes, consider using Cortland apples.

A Heritage of More Than 100 Years

Cortland apples are native to PA’s neighboring state, New York. At the turn of the 20th Century, tree fruit researchers experimented on a mix of apple types, the McIntosh and the Ben Davis. The end result was the Cortland apple, which was officially unveiled to the public in 1915, and began its popularity among consumers around the nation. Today, you can find this hearty variety easily. Look for Cortland apples grown locally and support your community by taking some home. You can store Cortland apples like you would any other type of apple. Make sure you have a location that’s cool and doesn’t attract moisture. That way, your Cortland apples will be ready when you are!

Best Used For:

Snacking Sauce

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