Add Hearty Cameo Apples to Your Plate

As with many PA apples, the Cameo apple is actually a cross between at least two other varieties. Discovered by chance in the late 1980s in Washington state, every Cameo apple likely has a heritage that can be traced back to popular Golden Delicious and Red Delicious varieties. When Cameo apples came into existence, they became revered as an excellent snacking apple. If you are looking for an apple with a snappy, sweet and fresh flavor, choose Cameo apples.

Cameo Apples Have a Variety of Uses

Cameo apples are beloved by many PA cooks because they hold their shape and look fantastic when plated. They add crispness to salads and other dishes, and although Cameo apples are harvested in the autumn months, they are available through PA growers all year. Take a bite of a Cameo apple when you’re craving a snack that’s low in fat but high in fiber and flavor! Kids especially enjoy Cameo apples because of their sweetness and crunch. Look for unique ways to add pieces of Cameo apples to turn ordinary meals extraordinary, such as adding slices or small chunks to applesauce, oatmeal and fruit salads.

Keep Cameos Around the House

As a go-to apple, you can’t do much better than attractive Cameo apples. Cameo apples are known for their excellent ability to keep in storage. To keep your Cameo apples crisp and ready for enjoyment, store them in a place that’s cool and dry, away from moisture and foods with strong odors. Look for Cameo apples wherever you find PA produce, such as at your local farmers’ market or grocery.

Best Used For:

Snacking Salads

Harvest Time:

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