Bite into Braeburn Apples This Year!

The versatile Braeburn apple can be found across the state of Pennsylvania, and for good reason: It’s utterly delicious! This attractive fruit, with its red appearance that’s sometimes decorated with flecks of yellow or pale green, is known for keeping its shape when baked. Cooks everywhere appreciate the heartiness of Braeburn apples, because they remain intact when baked into tarts, pies and other treats. Of course, they are just as perfect as an afternoon snack, lunchbox addition or fresh dessert!

A Mixture of Flavors with Every Taste

Braeburn apples originally came half a world away from PA, but are now a staple in the Keystone State. In the mid-1900s, they were discovered as chance seedlings—meaning they were not intentionally bred. Most researchers believe that Braeburn apples are a cross of Lady Hamiltons and Granny Smiths. Today, Braeburn apples are carefully cultivated by PA apple growers, and the tastiest Braeburn apples are brought to the marketplace, sold at farmers’ markets and available at your nearest grocer.

Keeping Braeburn Apples Fresh Is Simple

As with all apples, Braeburn apples like to be kept in cool, dry spots. The refrigerator is always best. After cutting Braeburn apples for snacking, it is easy to prevent them from darkening, which naturally occurs when exposed to air, but does not impact flavor. If you want to preserve Braeburn apple slices so they don’t brown, even after a few hours, rub any exposed flesh with lemon juice. This trick is great for packed lunches!

Best Used For:

Snacking Salads Pies Sauce Baking

Harvest Time:

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