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iStock_000016300736_MediumVisit PA Farmers Markets for the Freshest Apples

During the fall harvest time, farmers’ markets across Pennsylvania are busy providing residents and visitors with fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for apples with a flavor that can’t be duplicated by any varieties that you purchase from across the country, look no further than your local PA farmer’s market. Not only will you get a terrific value for your apples, but you’ll also be supporting the local economy as well as pleasing your palate.

Find the Best Places to Buy PA Apples

Buy Fresh Apples for Healthier Results

When you purchase apples at one of the numerous PA farmers’ markets across the Commonwealth, you can feel good knowing you’re making healthy choices for you and your loved ones. Locally grown and recently harvested apples contain a wealth of nutrients — nutrients that are often lacking in apples that have traveled in crates and have been stored for weeks on shelves. Additionally, they have a more intense aroma and taste than the counterparts you would find in most supermarkets.

Properly Handle and Store Your PA Apples

Sliced green apple on wooden cutting boardDid you ever wonder how our ancestors were able to enjoy apples for months after the fall harvest? They knew how to properly take care of their apples, so they remained appetizing for a long period even without the benefit of freezers or refrigeration. The key, as they discovered, was to make sure the apples were free from discoloration before being stored in a cool spot. To learn how to keep your apples safe from going bad or becoming contaminated by the odors of other produce, visit our Apple Handling and Storage page.

Find the Nearest Farmer’s Market in Pennsylvania

Ready to choose from the dozens of commercial, heritage and unique apple types available at PA farmers’ markets near you?  Use our Where to Buy locator, an easy tool that will help you discover farmers’ markets down the street or across the Commonwealth. After you make your purchases, we encourage you to start trying some of the fantastic recipes we’ve compiled at our site — and don’t forget to share some of your favorites with us! 

Where to Buy PA Apples

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