Apple Crunch: Celebrating Healthy Snacking with PA Apples


Apple Crunch, which takes place on October 23, is celebrated during National Apple Month when so many varieties of delicious apples are fresh and abundant throughout Pennsylvania.

Healthy to the Core

Apples are a perfect choice for convenient and healthy snacking. They’re naturally super portable and pack nutritional power:

  • An apple has only 80-100 calories (depending on size)
  • Apples are naturally free of fat, sodium and cholesterol
  • Apples are an excellent source of fiber (5 grams per apples), which helps aid digestion and may reduce cholesterol levels
  • Apples are a great source of vitamins A and C, and potassium and pectin

More than 100 varieties are grown in Pennsylvania. With so many options, there’s an apple crunch for everyone. To learn more about PA apples, including how to store and use them, and delicious apple recipes, visit

Ready to plan your Apple Crunch day? Visit Penn State ProWellness to get started.

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