About the Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program

The Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Program (PAMP) is a commodity marketing program established by the Commodity Marketing Act of 1968. The program is funded by Pennsylvania apple growers and governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is composed of growers from various regions of the state and a representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The program’s goal is to promote the sale and consumption of Pennsylvania’s fresh apples and processed apple products. PAMP works with Pennsylvania retailers, direct marketers, apple processors, and apple shippers to provide point of sale, promotions, and marketing support across various distribution channels. In addition, a portion of PAMP’s annual budget is dedicated to horticultural and/or marketing research.

PAMP is also an active member in both the U.S. Apple Association and the U.S. Apple Export Council. Membership in these organizations allows apple growers, shippers, and processors in Pennsylvania the opportunity to work directly on issues and policies affecting the apple industry, both domestic and international.

The program will remain active until May 26, 2017. 

Where to Buy PA Apples

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